“People Love Renewable Energy”. Really? Why?

“People Love Renewable Energy”. Correction. Wealthy People Love Renewable Energy. Renewable energy is fine for a privileged few sections of mankind (for a while) but it is not the answer for the world’s energy problems and never will be.

Also, I think we need a new name for energy driven by natural phenonema. Why? Simply because it is anything but renewable. Oh, it is slightly more renewable than fossil based energy sources but nowhere near as flexible and ubiquitous, and, being dependent on those same fossil based resources for its very existence and infrastructure, it will be even more short lived than they are destined to be.

I hear you say “The Sun will keep shining; the wind will keep blowing, and the waves and tides will keep turning.” Of course they will, but the Sun, wind and waves do not build solar panels or mirrors, wind turbines or dams and hydro power schemes. Nor do they help find, extract, collect and process the precious natural earth resources that are necessary to keep those things going, repair or replace them. And, know this: Nothing lasts forever. What’s more, in this modern age, nothing last very long at all.

So, people may love so-called ‘renewable energy’ but that is mostly due to the hype that has been built around it far more than taking a common sense, logical, researched and knowledge backed viewpoint on it would justify. Can you see that?

This post was inspired by: People Love Renewable Energy


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