Dachau Revisited. History Repeats On Us

Displaced persons sent to Dachau. Sound familiar? Only to the older generation, I guess. That’s a period of history that will never be lived down.

I know it’s different now, of course it’s different now, but what is happening to displaced people wherever they be around the world, and there are millions of them, will also become a dark mark against everyone of this current generation for ages to come …and those who have caused the turmoil, you know who I mean, ‘US’ (read that how you will), will ultimately pay for their foul deeds.

We all will be the losers, because we are all just as guilty as the German people of the 1940s because we all just party on, enjoying the good life, ignoring the obvious, as though nothing is happening.

This post inspired by: Refugees Who Live At Dachau


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