I, along with a host of others including some famous or household names, signed the CASSE position statement a number of years ago.

CASSE is the Centre for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy. A steady state economy is something that may never be achieved before the economy we have actually self implodes but it is a worthwhile goal and may be the only hope to divert us from facing a catastrophic future.

CASSE doesn’t get much of an airing in mainstream news circles, in fact I would be surprised if this isn’t the first you have heard of it. But they have decided to spread their message by getting as many people as may be interested to read about it through offering their book ‘Supply Shock‘ for only 99c from now until this Sat., Jan 11, wherever ebooks are sold eg. Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, etc.  Note: I have only provided the link to iTunes because the others don’t appear to have updated their web pages at time of posting this.

Do yourself a flavour and take this opportunity to become acquainted with it.

Supply Shock .99c offer until Jan 11 2014


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