New Blog ‘Preparations’ Has Moved

I announced a new blog last week, called ‘Preparations’ on Blogger.  In the first post I used this image >>>>>

Plan Ahead

…but I didn’t take my own advice.

While I was writing the first post, the desired structure and purpose of the new blog firmed up in my mind.  Unfortunately, it proved impossible to build such a structure on Blogger, where no matter which theme you choose to display your work with, remains a pure and simple, single stream rolling log of post entries.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with being pure and simple and Blogger does have some very easy to use display options and characteristics.  It just wouldn’t do what I wanted to do, which turned out to be a more reference based, quick look-up site as opposed to a time stream of information.

I didn’t want to go for a normal web site, for various reasons, and already having a blog, this one, set up on WordPress I decided to see if I could do what I wanted to do on that blog hosting site.  Wordpress is considerably more difficult to use than Blogger mostly I think because it has so many more options and facilities to play with.

WordPress does warn that there are downsides to making a blog look more like a website. The downsides being in attracting traffic to the site when the blog list is hidden.  I hope I can counter this by still providing access to the actual blog roll and by aggressive tagging of the posts.  We will have to see how it works out.

So, I have now initiated the new ‘Preparations’ blog on WordPress, here and have just about finished setting up the structure as I want it, plus I have copied the original blog post over from the other site.

You won’t see a single post entry until you start poking around in the tab structure but all of the data that I intend to add, will be in posts dedicated to a single specific subject.  I will set about adding these data blog posts as soon as I can and as time permits.

Getting quite excited about this project.


2 thoughts on “New Blog ‘Preparations’ Has Moved

    • Thanks for the comment Bev. Yes, I am still playing with the design and it is good to get feedback. I splashed out on one of the premium themes for this and it is one that was geared to photo galleries but also has some stuff that has enabled me to set it up in a way that I am mostly happy with, even if it is a bit slow to load also. I liked the sombre colour tones, which seem to go with the subject content and I have changed the theme colours some but will continue to try to get something put together that I am really happy with before too long. May even use the scrolling gallery feature eventually.

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