New Blog

I have just started a new blog on Blogger called Preparations.  The concept is that I will there record my own experience as a ‘Prepper’ getting ready as far and fast as I can for whatever the future holds in store for us/me, locally, nationally, globally.

With a growing awareness of the forces shaping our world since the end of 2008 when the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) struck, I have been trying to organise my life around this new paradigm.  Putting a lot of thought and research time into how best to prepare for a wide range of possible futures, gathering resources and learning new skills.

It is my hope that this new blog may become a useful reference resource for many who are following or may yet start to follow a similar path.

I am a Prepper.  Just what that means, you can discover (or soon will be able to) on Preparations.


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