New Blog ‘Preparations’ Has Moved

I announced a new blog last week, called ‘Preparations’ on Blogger.  In the first post I used this image >>>>>

Plan Ahead

…but I didn’t take my own advice.

While I was writing the first post, the desired structure and purpose of the new blog firmed up in my mind.  Unfortunately, it proved impossible to build such a structure on Blogger, where no matter which theme you choose to display your work with, remains a pure and simple, single stream rolling log of post entries.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with being pure and simple and Blogger does have some very easy to use display options and characteristics.  It just wouldn’t do what I wanted to do, which turned out to be a more reference based, quick look-up site as opposed to a time stream of information.

I didn’t want to go for a normal web site, for various reasons, and already having a blog, this one, set up on WordPress I decided to see if I could do what I wanted to do on that blog hosting site.  Wordpress is considerably more difficult to use than Blogger mostly I think because it has so many more options and facilities to play with.

WordPress does warn that there are downsides to making a blog look more like a website. The downsides being in attracting traffic to the site when the blog list is hidden.  I hope I can counter this by still providing access to the actual blog roll and by aggressive tagging of the posts.  We will have to see how it works out.

So, I have now initiated the new ‘Preparations’ blog on WordPress, here and have just about finished setting up the structure as I want it, plus I have copied the original blog post over from the other site.

You won’t see a single post entry until you start poking around in the tab structure but all of the data that I intend to add, will be in posts dedicated to a single specific subject.  I will set about adding these data blog posts as soon as I can and as time permits.

Getting quite excited about this project.

New Blog

I have just started a new blog on Blogger called Preparations.  The concept is that I will there record my own experience as a ‘Prepper’ getting ready as far and fast as I can for whatever the future holds in store for us/me, locally, nationally, globally.

With a growing awareness of the forces shaping our world since the end of 2008 when the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) struck, I have been trying to organise my life around this new paradigm.  Putting a lot of thought and research time into how best to prepare for a wide range of possible futures, gathering resources and learning new skills.

It is my hope that this new blog may become a useful reference resource for many who are following or may yet start to follow a similar path.

I am a Prepper.  Just what that means, you can discover (or soon will be able to) on Preparations.

Latest News: “Prepare for a three to five degree C warmer world”


Crack patterns in Arctic permafrost as viewed from a helicopter. Credit: Brocken Inaglory/cc by 3.0

Here is the text of a post I just made on my Facebook page:

This confirms what I have been saying for some time now.
Quote: “(Now) all the promises in the world, which we’re not likely to realise anyway, will not give us a world with only a two degree C rise.”.
Quote: “Prepare for a three to five degree C warmer world, said Sir Robert Watson the former chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Speaking at a symposium in London Tuesday, Watson, the science director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, said the world has missed its chance to stay below two degrees C.”.

…and the IPCC are notorious for underestimating the effects of climate change.

You wouldn’t be comfortable in a +2 degree C world. In a +3 to +5 degree C world it may be impossible for humans to exist.

Quote: “In 2011… research showed that the “tipping point” was just 15 to 20 years away. …that will now have to be revised. The only question is how much sooner.”.

…I am personally estimating, from my readings, sometime in the next two or three years.

The post linked to this article

Just another nail in the coffin of the human species.  The human experiment is almost over.

Electricity Consumption

Here is a picture of my household electricity consumption over the last two years, extracted from my most recent utility bill.  This represents my total power usage since there is no gas installed at the property.

Consumption Profile

Please note that I post this merely to show that it is possible in these times of soaring energy usage where the trend is towards global planetary warming, to personally reduce our impact on the environment.  This is not to set myself up as some paragon of virtue in this regard when I fully know that is not the case      …but I am trying to limit the damage to the Earth for which I am personally responsible.

Three factors have changed over this period, which have had a marked effect on power consumption this year from the previous year.

  1. I changed my power plan from a 15% renewable energy one to 100% renewable energy around August 2011.  This means that I am paying more per kWh but I have a reasonably clear conscience regarding  my energy usage effect on global climate.  The energy supplier is supposed to purchase my equivalent energy usage from a supplier producing electricity using only renewable resources.  Yes, I know that ‘renewable energy’ is really a complete misnomer  and is just as unsustainable in the long term as fossil fuel based energy, but it is better than doing nothing except of course for reducing our energy use to only basic essential levels.  This is what the remaining changes are all about.
  2. I installed Solar Water Heating back in March 2012.  I did this even though I am living in rented accommodation on twelve month renewable leases.  I figured that if I were to remain where I am for several years then the savings in power consumption would go at least some way towards paying for the installation and even if I was forced to leave for some reason, then someone else plus the planet would still benefit.
  3. I decided not to install solar power generation tied into the national grid because I wanted a level of security around me that, should I need to move house, or for other reasons require a more mobile lifestyle, I would continue for some time at least to enjoy a level of independent, ‘portable’ power generation capability under my own terms.  To this end I have built a 1 kW, solar fed, battery backed power source that I have been able to use to take up some of my daily electricity requirements over the last 6 months or more.  It is usable even though not in a finished state at this time.  I will at some stage post a detailed review of my system and as I am not an electrician, look out for any helpful hints from others on the way it operates.

A season on season comparison of my power consumption is not easy to make because in 2011 there was an estimated meter reading in July followed by an actual reading in August, resulting in an additional consumption bar for that year.  These two bars need to be combined.  Also, of course, the differing weather patterns over the period would have had some impact.  The May quarter (Autumn) shows around a 50% decrease in consumption.   August (Winter) shows at least a 50% drop (2 bars combined).  Oct/Nov (Spring) shows not much difference.  I can’t explain why that is.  February/current (Summer) shows around a 30% drop.  Very pleasing overall, with an annual reduction of around 40% average.

Of course the cost of power has increased over that period, meaning cost to me stays much the same regardless.