NATO – “пугать ежа голой задницей”

Read this to understand that.

“The world has gone absolutely insane!” – The Saker

Sometimes I have to wonder about The Saker.  Other times I just love him.  This is one of those ‘love him’ times.  And I was going to also write an article with more or less the same title as this latest one of his – another piece I will have to shelve for a while.  Maybe for ever.

And, while the world’s ‘mad moment’ may not be lengthy, what follows that mass brain effluvium will shortly and surely make any state of mind irrelevant.  You have to be alive to worry about your state of mind. Crazy people do tend to go around killing each other – and we have some of history’s best and most effective methods for doing that in this present age – discounting Novichok of course which, if you follow/believe the dubious depositions of the West on that subject, is the singularly most ineffective ‘death weapon’ ever invented.

Anyway, all that aside, this is a very interesting article by The Saker.  Be warned – reading it may indelibly alter your outlook on life and everything around you.  But, if you are still only slightly mad, it may help put you on an even keel, so to speak.  I call it shock treatment.

By the way, if you haven’t already worked it out, the connection between NATO and those words in Russian in the heading of this post, are an indication that such military force as NATO has at its disposal is akin to trying to “scare a hedgehog with bare ass”. The ‘hedgehog” of course being Russia.

How come it has taken me over 75 years of life to hear that piece of Russian wisdom?

The Party of Peed Panties

Oh what a Saturday I’m having!  First there was an email from a friend which moved me to do my previous post on the death of both journalism and democracy, extemporised by the show trial of Julian Assange, by sharing in full a classic report from a highly respected American commentator. 

Now there is the regular Saturday morning treat from Jim Kunstler, today at his provocative best.  And oh my goodness, is this good or what?  Superficially misogynist in subject and scope it may be, but it warmed my heart on this unseasonably cold weekend in south eastern Australia, and there is not a single untrue allegation contained within it.  So good that I have decided to also share it in full.  See for yourself:

“Female Problems” – James Howard Kunstler

“Female Problems”

James Howard Kunstler – published on CLUSTERFUCK NATION – BLOG – September 25, 2020

History-the-trickster has paradoxically anointed the Great Disrupter, Mr. Trump, as the agent of order while the Democrats seek to bring chaos into every quarter of American life, a party of shrieking “Karens” and men acting like women. Such as: Tom Friedman of The New York Times mewling like a little girl to Anderson Cooper on CNN Thursday night that he was “living in terror,” that “everybody should be terrified,” because Mr. Trump “refuses to commit to accepting the election results.” 

Is that so? I think it was Hillary Clinton who declared just a few weeks ago that “Joe Biden should not concede the election under any circumstances” — for instance, the circumstance that he loses the election. Of course, Mr. Trump, troll supremo, is simply punking his adversaries by proposing to play fair, that is, to play by the same rules they play by. And this only causes the Democrats to retreat into the chaos that is their comfort zone, where they hop up and down like fourteen-year-old girls in a tantrum. 

They are provoked, you understand, because Mr. Trump actually represents the thing they hate most: Daddy! Daddy’s in da house, the White House, as a matter of fact, and this baleful symbolic circumstance has driven the Democrats out of their gourds for four years, turning them into a party of hysterical women and men acting like hysterical women. Would you want to get on an airplane in bad weather piloted by a crew of hysterical women? That’s kind of the Big Question going into this national election 2020. 

Tantrums, tantrums everywhere! The hysterical women (including men) of the Democratic Party have enlisted Black Lives Matter as their official agents of chaos. It must be so, because every time chaos erupts in an American city, and buildings catch on fire, and businesses are looted and burnt down, and police are bushwhacked, the local Democrats in charge where these things happen do not offer a peep of objection. And neither Kamala Harris nor her sidekick Joe Biden send any message aimed at quelling the violent hysteria. One must conclude that they’re on-board with rioting, arson, looting, and bushwhacking. Like I said: chaos = their comfort zone. 

The Democrats like chaos because it works as an effective smokescreen to conceal the dirty secrets of their private behavior, namely 1) the fantastic international web of grift among the Biden family that was just this week detailed in a report issued jointly by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and the Senate Finance Committee (none of which was reported by The New York Times, CNN, or MSNBC); 2) the widening gyre of John Durham’s investigation into the origins of RussiaGate and now, surprise surprise, also into the suspicious doings of the Clinton Foundation; and 3) the financing and orchestration of BLM /Antifa riot mobs by Democratic Party-affiliated non-profit orgs. 

So then, there is the key matter at hand: The Democratic Party’s open promise to bring their trademark chaos to the November 3 election, based on the tactical plan drawn up in “war gaming” by the shady Transition Integrity Project this past summer. The idea is to swamp the country with harvested mail-in ballots in order to confound a resolution of the vote and sow chaos in the electoral college — to which they will bring an army of Lawfare attorneys who will engineer the desired outcome in the swing statehouses with Democratic governors, such as Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. If Mr. Trump objects to these shenanigans, he’ll be labeled a “tyrant.” 

It’s just the kind of election strategy that a gang of middle-school girls would dream up. Because they are hysterical fourteen-year-olds with undeveloped brains, it would never occur to them that Daddy might have a notion what they are up to, and a counter-plan to frustrate their scheme. They are in such a fugue of rage that they can’t think one play ahead on the gameboard. Well, as the wily Bonaparte once remarked, “never interrupt the enemy while he is making a mistake.” 

The death of Justice RBG has amplified the hysteria. The Democrats are not just having a tantrum, now they’re chewing up the furniture, ululating, beating their flanks, discharging gobs of snot, peeing their panties, and foaming at the mouth. If he was anyone else but Daddy, Mr. Trump might have to take them out and have them shot. 

Instead, the President is going to nominate a sane and reasonable Mommy to the Supreme Court, and Uncle Cocaine Mitch is going to see that she is confirmed, and there is an excellent chance that together they will bring order back to this deranged household — and then perhaps we can turn our attention to the real existential problems of financial crisis and economic collapse.


The Death of Journalism = The Death of Democracy

Beware all ye who seek democracy.  No such thing exists in today’s world.

“For freedom, the world will henceforth look to Russia and China.” – quoted from the following article. 

This article is so important that I am going to share it in full, without further comment:  “The Murder of the First Amendment” – by Paul Craig Roberts – published September 24, 2020

“The Murder of the First Amendment” 

Paul Craig Roberts 

The illegal and unwarranted prosecution of Julian Assange by the US Government in a British court, if court it is and not a Star Chamber, is in fact the prosecution of the First Amendment. It will prevent journalists in the future from informing the public of criminal activity by government. This is already the case in a number of countries, and the US and UK are about to join them. Washington, working through a British judge and a British prosecutor, is murdering the First Amendment and, thereby, accountable government. 

The US government’s case for Assange’s extradition to the US that is working its way through a CIA-suborned British court redefines journalists who hold government accountable as spies. In other words, journalists who reveal criminal actions of governments are quilty of espionage. If this were in fact the case, the New York Times would have been prosecuted for publishing the Pentagon Papers. 

Once upon a time when law still ruled a person had to spy on his own country in order to have committed a crime. Julian Assange is an Australian citizen, but he is accused of committing espionage against the United States while living in Europe. If this were a crime under law, all the Israeli Mossad spies spying on the United States would be arrested and treated as Assange. Indeed, all spies of all countries spying on other countries, including the CIA and the British MI6, could be arrested and tried for espionage in the countries that they are spying on. Generally speaking, countries prosecute their own citizens who spy on their own country for foreign governments, but send foreign spies caught spying on them home ( ). 

In other words, both the US and British governments are hypocrites and lawless. As the Australian government is just another Washington puppet state, Australia has done nothing to protect its citizen from false prosecution. 

Neither have the journalists whose profession is being destroyed by the illegal prosecution of Assange. What is happening to Assange is worse than a Stalnist show trial, but no presstitute has raised a voice. 

Journalists long ago ceased to be journalists and became propagandists for the CIA and the ruling elites. What little independence American journalism ever had was destroyed by the Clinton regime’s acquiescence to the concentration of 90% of the US media in six hands. Many books have been written exposing the CIA’s influence over the prestige US media since 1950, and Udo Ulfkotte exposed the CIA’s control over the European media. British newspapers, such as the Guardian, guard the intelligence agencies and ruling elites. 

There is no legal basis for Assange’s prosecution. He is prosecuted for one reason only: to make it clear to journalists that the First Amendment is dead and their profession along with it. 

For those who are not journalists, it means that Justice is dead. Assange’s extradiction hearing is clearly not being run by a British court but by Washington. What evidence can be presented is determined by Washington. The judge, in my opinion a puppet of the intelligence services, and the prosecutor, another puppet devoid, in my opinion, of an ounce of integrity, have done more to prevent justice than Vyshinsky did in the Stalinist show trial of Nikolai Bukharin. 

All great evil, such as is being practiced against Julian Assange, has unintended consequences. What the US and UK are doing is digging their own graves as democracies. They are transforming themselves into tyrannies. For freedom, the world will henceforth look to Russia and China. 

Craig Murray, a former British ambassador and one of the few people of integrity who have served in the British government in the past half century, has been covering the Assange Show Trial. This is from his report of Day 14: 

“I am very concerned about the obvious collusion of the prosecution and the judge to close this case down. The extraordinary conflation of “time management” and excluding evidence which the US Government does not want heard in public is plainly illegitimate. The continual chivvying and interruption of defence counsel in examination when prosecution counsel are allowed endless repetition amounting to harassment and bullying is illegitimate. Some extraordinarily long prosecution cross-examinations, such as that of Carey Shenkman the lawyer, have every appearance of deliberate time wasting and distraction.” 

There are so many things that need protesting. But what are the protests about? They are about a nonexistent “systemic white racism” and the falsely alleged murder by police officers doing their duty of a felon, George Floyd, who killed himself with an overdose of fentanyl ( ). 

Billions of dollars of businesses have been looted and burned because Democrat local and state governments would not permit police to halt the destruction. The crimes committed by these Democrat mayors and governors are enormous, but no action is taken against them. 

Instead, a journalist who told the truth has been under restraint for years and tortured. Now he is being subjected to a show trial under the guise of an extradition hearing. It is obvious to everyone that the British “court” is acting for Washington and that Assange’s exradiction will be regarded as a sign that he is guilty as charged. No American jury would dare find him innocent. 

No one in the US or British or Australian government and media other than a few of the caliber of John Pilger and Craig Murray has the integrity and decency to denounce the trial of Assange as a murderous assault on the First Amendment. The presstitute media donned their CIA cleats and jumped on Assange with both feet, serving as amplifiers for the false charges of Russian spy alleged against an honest journalist. In other words, dumbshit ”prestige” journalists are helping government criminalize journalism. 

There is no democracy and no accountable government without an honest media. The absence of an honest media in the West means that democracy and justice also are absent. 

Assange faces life imprisonment for allegedly leaking documents, some of which had security classification, despite the fact that journalists have always had the right to publish leaks regardless of their classification. The Pentagon Papers were classified, and the New York Times published them. 

Moreover, as was established in the 14th day of Assange’s extradiction hearing, it wasn’t Wikileaks that first released the encryption key and location of the leaked documents. It was The Guardian and David Leigh (see the account here: ( ). 

Therefore, it is David Leigh, not Julian Assange, who is responsible for what Washington regards as a crime. Not only does Washington have an illegitimate case, it has the wrong man in the dock. 

This is par course for Washington and explains why Washington is no longer respected in the world even among its European vassals. 

The question that we need to ask ourselves, and the question that President Trump needs to ask himself, is why is Trump supporting the fabricated case of the corrupt Obama regime against Julian Assange. Is the answer that Trump feels that he cannot go against the wishes of the military/security complex when he faces the prospect of a color revolution to overturn his reelection? Will Julian Assange be another Democrat victim like the countless business men and women whose undefended businesses and livelihoods were burned and looted because Democrats would not defend property from thugs whose cause they champion?

A Never-Ending Story of Western Self-Deception – It’s Becoming a Little Tedious

“Kremlin: Novichok statements by intel chief, Foreign Office spokeswoman not contradictory” – TASS

Let’s get this straight – the only locations of the Nivichok nerve agent, to common knowledge today, is in the chemical warfare laboratories of the Disunited Kingdom and the Disunited States of America.  Nowhere else.

So, the West’s attempt to find disagreement between the statements made by Russian government spokespersons, to wit:

“…all stockpiles of chemical weapons had been destroyed, as certified by international observers”


“…Russia never had the nerve agent Novichok stockpiled”

…are entirely fruitless.  There is no disagreement between those statements with regard to Novichok, currently the West’s ‘objet du jour‘.

There is also no ambiguity in the statement that:

“…the German Foreign Office had not provided the Russian ambassador with any proof of its version of the (Navalny) incident”

The statement is unambiguously true.  There is no proof (there never is in these matters raised by the West) of the use of Novichok or any other chemical agent to allegedly poison the Russian opposition figure.  If such there were, it would undoubtedly be very embarrassing to one of their NATO allies – and it would have had to be administered outside Russia. 

These issues are always raised by Western interests purely to either divert, focus, or link attention to some other entirely unrelated matter. On this occasion it is obviously (all too obviously – can’t they see that? – are they so foolish as to think no-one will notice?) their signal failure to stop or influence European opinion against the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline running between Russia and Germany.

All quotes are from the linked TASS story.

Aussies – Circling The Gurgler’s Rim

Australia continues to circle its own economic future dangerously around the rim of a certain death spiral, apparently willing to lose itself completely if the nation does not pull back from its current untenable position vis-à-vis having chosen the wrong side of the US instigated US-China struggle. 

Illustration: Tang Tengfei/GT

Without a turn-around or at least a pull-back, neither of which appear likely at this stage, the long period of Aussie ‘Luck’ has faded into history and a trip down the gurgler – along with the same trip relentlessly pursued by the US – is forthcoming.

“What’s the US role in Australia’s push to partially decouple with China?” – Yu Lei for the Global Times

See also: “Huawei job cuts may signal layoff surge in Australia” – Global Times

Now is not the time to be playing political games or for hanging on to and being pushed around by fair-weather friends.

Melting Ice – Breaking Ice – It All Adds Up – To Trouble

There are now only 346,000 Km² more sea ice cover in the Arctic ocean region than at the lowest recorded satellite measurement of the modern era on Sep 17, 2012.

That’s not a great deal when you consider that more than 11 million Km² sea ice has melted in that region from last Winter’s peek total just 6 months ago and considerably less than 4 million Km² sea ice remains.

Zoomed image from:

As if this is not a serious enough development to report, today it has been revealed that a huge 110 Km² chunk of glacier ice has broken off from the Nioghalvfjerdsfjorden glacier in Greenland’s north east.  No date has been given (that I have seen) for the break-away, but it must be from later than Aug 20 when a report was published suggesting that 2020 had produced less glacier ice loss than the relatively high level of 2019. 

For that story see: “Greenland glacier loses 110 square kilometres’ worth of ice” – from Australia’s ABC news, or I’m sure your local news source will have this featured.

I’m not sure if glacier ice, some of which is obviously sea-borne, is actually counted as sea-ice until it breaks away from its land-based glacial component.  While 110 Km² is a sizeable chunk, it is not going to make much difference to the NSIDC charts I think.  But the gravity of such break-off events, coupled with loss of sea ice through the annual melting process, is something humanity should not be taking lightly.  It signals great changes being under way.  Changes we are powerless to prevent or stop – no matter what some, including some in the scientific community, may say.  

Great changes, as I said somewhere else today, always come with great upheavals.  Upheaval which we are also powerless to prevent or stop.  And it is those great changes and upheavals, along with a range of others that are making their presence ever more loudly clear, as the year and subsequent years unfold, that humanity should be factoring into its determinations as to our future progress instead of wasting time and effort in both propping up our current industry based systems and/or duplicitously pretending to ‘fight’ climate change – all efforts at which will shortly be overtaken by events we could have foreseen had we not been so blinkered or the danger had not been so deliberately obscured or played down.  

We will undoubtedly regret both our indolence and our wasted efforts, if we have time or opportunity to think about that, as all of those things are swept away – and perhaps us with them – sooner than we might imagine.

Democracy is lost. Treason reigns. Prepare for Color Revolution in the USA.

“America’s Color Revolution” – Paul Craig Roberts

I haven’t looked at Paul Craig Roberts views in recent times – though always valued and much shared in the past (I can’t be everywhere) – and thank Christopher Paddon of the Titanic Lifeboat Academy for bringing this link to my attention.

The actions of the opponents of President Trump (even though I often refer to him as ‘Monster’) – have been nothing short of treasonous.  Those parties add ‘sedition’ to their list of crimes, if it is not already listed, by planning a color (‘colour’ to most folks) revolution in America should he somehow (and I declare he will – he really doesn’t have a viable opponent) win the November presidential election in that country. 

That plan will, whether it succeeds or not, be the end of America as we have known it.  It will result in open civil war, followed, after considerable bloodshed, by a splitting of that nation on regional lines into a number of minor states.  Five have been identified in writings I have seen (though not necessarily these names) – West Coast, Eastern Seaboard, South Central, North Central, and Pacific North West (which may or may not include Alaska).

This is happening in our time folks. Until the past few years this would be a quite unbelievable state of affairs, but since 2016 there have been growing signs of the unrest which could bring this about.  In recent weeks/months, actual plans have become openly discussed.  This is on, for real, since there is no way that Trump can lose this election against a shadow person who is a hollow, zombie opponent and, if anything, represents a bigger though ever so slightly more suave monster than Trump himself.

These two candidates, the very best that the ‘American Way’ and its so-called system of ‘democracy’ has to offer in today’s world, somehow signify the dire need for a system so decayed and rotten that has chosen and elevated them to be its representatives, for it to somehow be terminated and replaced for the general good.

The need is there. The time is right. The situation calls for it. It must happen.

The repercussions are mind-boggling and could represent either something of a new dawn for the world or the birth of an even greater threat.  Wounded beasts can also be dangerously unpredictable and ferocious.

We will all see it all. Can you believe that?

Australian Business Calls for Reflection on Path to National Economic Suicide

That headline is mine but it echoes the sentiments expressed in this article from the Global Times:“Businesses’ grievances should arouse reflection in Australia” – Lui Qing for the Global Times – which I share here as the basis for what I am about to say.

It is true.  And it is a sad state of affairs that a national government should be working so defiantly, so fanatically, and perhaps even so evangelically against the interests of its own people, their welfare, business and economic interests, endangering hope of any future other than one of impoverished squalor, hardship and even potential state collapse or being overrun by some external actor.

I know that gloomy future is what is lined up for Australians anyway as our country is ravaged by egregious climatic wasting of the land, but it doesn’t have to be exacerbated by our own government folly in cutting us off from our economic base before that becomes unavoidable, in preference to servitude to a rogue US empire that is itself openly disintegrating as we watch.

Yes, it’s sad, but we are but a small people.  Small but over-privileged, wasteful and insufficiently educated in recent times to realise what is going on around us and how we are being badly represented by those we choose to lead us.

Sad also because I see no way out. No means to alter the path that has already been set.

Australians are already worried and suffering unprecedented mental illness through being shut down  by a virus outbreak.  The people generally do not know, have not even an inkling of what terrors, hardships and traumas they will be called on to endure in the days and years that lie ahead.  And as with the peoples of many other nations around the world, many will not be able to cope.  Many will die.  And the current deaths from coronavirus will seem like drops in the ocean compared to those numbers.

No-one, not even myself, so far fully realises just what misery all of humanity must suffer as our current way of life comes to an end – as it must.  And nothing can prevent that.  No work of man.  No intervention of god – any god – even if such existed, can prevent that.  It will happen.  And I think we see it just beginning.

But out of that mayhem there may come a few stragglers, a few hardy folk, here and there, shattered, dismayed and broken, but from the ashes of our world they may eventually be able to build the makings of a new one. But that could be after many long centuries of bare survival on only the most basic of levels.  Our world will be no more.  And little, if anything, will remain uncovered to show that we were ever here.  None of our written records will survive such long periods as the buried clay brick records of our own long gone ancestors have managed to survive (but are wasted on us moderns as we are not intelligent enough to take them as actual historical records but treat them as myth).  Our electronic records will all be lost and potentially for ever unrecoverable.  All our knowledge, apart from what is in the heads of those potential survivors, lost.  Gone.

OK, I know I have strayed a good way from what I started to write about, but bear this in mind – it all begins with what is happening right now.  And not just in Australia.  I chose to use Australia as an example because it is my country, and if future prospects play out as expected we could be one of the first peoples to disappear from the list of nations – our lands turned or returned to barren, uninhabitable, wilderness.

I will close with the claim that I am not a pessimist but someone who loves life, who wants to live to see these things at least partially unfold.  Not because I hate humanity.  I don’t.  I think we are a particularly special species.  But a species that has lost its way, turning destructive in the process.  We may always have been destructive, but in insufficient numbers to greatly affect our environment.  But now we have become a plague on our world and the balance must be reset.  That is unfortunately something we have not been able to achieve and perhaps are incapable of achieving by ourselves.  But the preserving factors of our natural world and the parental solar forces of our surrounding star system will ensure that will be brought about.    

When Will Australia Stop Its Anti-China Madness?

I love my country of Australia.  It is my chosen country, which somehow has more meaning than being simply the place where I happened to be born.  But Australia has changed over the years, especially since the start of the current century, and I believe is now heading in a direction which is at distinct cross-purposes to its best interests as a direct result of its government intransigence in clinging ever more closely to alliances that do not favour us and are in fact a source of endangerment to both our viability and our potential existence as a nation.  We face a difficult future, regardless of anything else, but there is a need to establish and nourish such relationships as will provide the best hope we can muster to successfully navigate that future.  Our current arrangements, viewed in that light, are hopelessly inadequate.  We live in the dream that life will go on as it always has in the past.  Unchanged.  That is perhaps our greatest weakness.

I see that, and I see all the issues, in a broad brush sense.  And I write about those things. But I don’t have the level of detail to add expression to my writing that others, some of whom share quite closely the way that I see things, do.  So, I am happy to defer to their assessments as material to share online.

James O’Neill is one such writer whose views closely match my own.  This is his latest piece on what confronts Australia as we march on.

“Australia Confronts a Changing Economic World” – James O’Neill, an Australian-based Barrister at Law, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”

I would love to share some of James’ words with you, but I am not going to do that.  You will need to follow the link to see them for yourself. If that is of interest to you.

It Just Keeps Getting Worse And Worse

It all just keeps getting worse and worse.

Today’s Kunstler blog resolves into a series of dozens of questions about, to quote: “what the fuck is going on in America?” (you might want to google that – it’s not just a lone voice).

Jim raises dozens of questions, none of which has an answer.  They are vital questions.  Nation defining questions. And in an open, corruption-free system, there would be answers.  Honest answers.  But is there sufficient honesty left in America to make such answers available, both to the American public (who will still, presumably, shortly be given the opportunity to vote in a government election process – if that still means anything), and to the world at large who are either concerned or amused or both, at what they see (and we all can see – if we care to look) going on there?  Or have the answers already been pre-determined by the deletion of evidence – a matter of gross corruption?

“When There are No Consequences for Anything” – Kunstler

I have another question.  Will there still be an America by the end of the year?