Addendum to 'Future-Proofed Russia"

In case you missed the link embedded within the linked article in my previous post – “Future-Proofed Russia”, here it is directly.

I don’t want to repeat everything I said there, just take my word for it – this is a good read. Well, it is for all those who, like me, have been concerned for what might happen to our world when Mr Putin’s presidency of The Russian Federation ends in 2024.

“Vladimir Putin Prepares His Succession” – by Gilbert Doctorow

Future-Proofed Russia

I tried yesterday to explain what is going on in Russia, totally ignoring any bemused and distorted Western take on the matter, and I think I extracted some of the real flavour of the situation but I could, with my limited knowledge, never strain out to the last drop of juice what it really meant.  But I have now found something that I believe actually does that, precisely.

Read the article linked below, and marvel at the intelligence and commitment of the Russian president and the wholehearted loyalty and single-mindedness of the Russian political scene.  As a result of this action, this week and in the coming weeks, Russia is ensured of its sovereignty and continuance as a complete and wholesome entity virtually for ever, or at least long past the all too soon upcoming retirement of its current president in 2024.  The West, its gaping jaws slavering at the thought of devouring Russia when that happens, has no chance of making any inroads to a nation rendered invulnerable to such attacks.

An amazing achievement.  An historic achievement.  And one that, as the author says, to conclude his remarks: 

“Sometimes the most important changes occur right under our noses, right out in the open.  Contrast that with the skullduggery and open hostility of the political circus in D.C. and you can (see in) which direction the two countries are headed.”

I am more proud to be able to present this than I have been of almost anything that I have talked about over recent times.  This is gold.

I know nothing of the author – Tom Luongo, but it is what he says here and the ring of truth that it has about it, that counts.

 “Putin’s Now Purged the West from the Kremlin”

Poverty In The USA

This is democracy in action …well, Western democracy, that is.

In America, a country that has never been so great – according to its billionaire leader – more than 40 million people live in abject poverty. Many of them are supporters of their billionaire leader.

I have seen videos on this subject before, but none quite like this one. Has to be seen to be believed.

It is almost a relief to know that the corrupt systems that produce conditions like this are fast coming to a sticky end. The sooner the better – even if it means far worse conditions for many more folk until sense prevails or life becomes completely unlivable.

Of course this is all a state of mind, due mainly to contrived expectations pounded into people’s psyches by corporate advertising and American poverty is in any case a relative thing when compared to that of many other places in the world, but I am not here to impose my own judgement on these people. It is the inequality of the system in which they live that is the root cause of the issue. A system where the few get obscenely rich, the majority struggle to make ends meet, and the stragglers get left behind to fend for themselves as best they can.

It is not a fair system. Not a humane or compassionate system. In fact it is more a racket than a system, a racket purely designed to produce the very conditions that we see here.

Russian Constitutional Supremacy To Negate Western Lecturing

A couple of heady days have gone by now.  Days which have placed the sovereignty of the Russian Federation on much firmer ground in the days to come.

Tired of being lectured by corrupt Western leaders and organisations, Russia has boldly taken steps to place its legal position above and beyond all those things.  Who could deny them that right, or that there is a need to do so? 

On the State of the Nation Address by President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly on Wednesday, Sergei Mironov, the leader of Russia’s ‘A Just Russia’ party said – 

“The supremacy of national legislation, above all, the Constitution, over international law, is a historic decision.”  

He also added:

“Dancing to the tune of those who lecture us on the right way to live and democracy and at the same time kill a senior official of an independent country, I mean the slain general of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran [Qasem Soleimani] for some reason is somehow presented as normal. We need nobody’s lecturing.” 

That is what has been happening in Russia, is happening now, and will be ratified and enshrined constitutionally in days to come, following a plebicite decision of the people.

Now, that is true democracy.  Largely unknown anywhere else.

…and a Russia fully immunised against Western bullshit.

Reported by TASS, here:
“Putin’s idea of Constitution’s priority over international law historic — party leader”

Contrary To Popular Opinion…

I have found (‘found’, as in discovered, not ‘founded’, as in established) a new religion for myself.

I am a contrarian, and happy and proud to admit that (whether that pleases or interests ASIO or not, or indeed anyone else).

A contrarian is one who opposes or rejects popular opinion or current practice, most often reflected in a position of not believing a word that governments say, among a variety of other positions such as a standing apart from general societal norms and their contingent frames of reference.

Hmm… yes, that’s pretty much me to a tee.

Ok, so contrarianism is not a religion, thankfully.  It contains or advocates no creed, doctrine, or even rules.  Has no allegiances or dependencies.  Offers no hope of future prospects, rewards or punishments.  All of those things being kind of anti-contrarian in essence.  I like that. It’s use in the realm of the market trading religion is a flagrant misuse of the word – which would be better thought of and described as ‘opportunism’. Market contrarians are not going against the flow, they simply step out of the flow temporarily, before plunging back in.

I saw the light, had my ‘road to Damascus’ moment’, today when I read this review of Brian Toohey’s book mentioned in my previous post:

“BOOK REVIEW: Brian Toohey’s Secret warns against Australia being ‘joined at the hip’ with US”

The last line of which review states:

“This book is the work of a contrarian. It should be read.”

Ours Is Not To Reason Why …or so we are told

I purchased two books yesterday. Two e-books that is, and my e-books now outnumber my physical book collection (which I am loathe to part with, and still go to for reference) by more than 2 to 1. But it is still more convenient and a real blessing to be able to carry a whole library around with me in a few hundred grams of technology.

The first book, mentioned in an earlier post, was the recent (late 2019) Andrei Martyanov book ‘The (Real) Revolution In Military Affairs’, which for ever reveals the true state of the myth of US military supremacy. Since the 2015 launch of cruise missiles from deep within Russian territory to pinpoint and destroy terrorist targets in Syria, which coincidentally placed all US/NATO installations, anywhere, on notice that the same could also be done to them, and President Putin’s address to the Russian parliament in 2018 revealing a whole range of superior other weapons – the like of which no other nation possesses or is even close to possessing, and many of which are already in service with the Russian armed forces – the Western Alliance has needed constant changes of fresh underwear from doubt and worry over its now worn out military capabilities. They now know they have nothing to counter what Russia has developed while their attention was diverted to mirror gazing and self-admiration.

The second book is of particular interest to Australians, or should be, if more than just a few are still awake. But is also a warning to citizens of other Western nations who, if they looked up from their current distractions, would find that similar liberty-theft and noose-tightening is going on where they are. 

The book is ‘Secret: The Making of Australia’s Security State’ by journalist and one-time political staff member, Brian Toohey.

Australian governments, of all flavours, are now and for some time have been obsessed and possessed with the disease known as ‘National Security’. This apparently began, as expressed in the first statement of Preface to the book, back with the following statement of Harold Thorby, Minister for Defence, Australia in 1938 – before the outbreak of WW2: 

“We the Government have vital information which we cannot disclose. It is upon this knowledge that we make decisions. You, who are merely private citizens, have no access to this information. Any criticism you make of our policy, any controversy about it in which you may indulge, will therefore be uninformed and valueless. If, in spite of your ignorance, you persist in questioning our policy, we can only conclude that you are disloyal.”

How does that make you feel, as a ‘private citizen’?

Do you trust your government? If you do, then you are a fool and deserve whatever infringements of your liberty you may suffer at their hands. Your government is not your friend. Nor does it have your best interests at heart. It serves a higher master, and no, I am not talking of some fictitious god figure.

This is not a review of the book since I have only read to chapter 3 so far, but I want to leave you with the final statement of the Preface, in the hope that this may stir something in you to dig further into the subject – perhaps by reading the book yourself:

” The June 2018 Espionage Act provides a glimpse of the future where it will be an offence to receive ‘information of any kind, whether true or false and whether in a material form or not, and includes (a) an opinion; and (b) a report of a conversation’. George Orwell could never have dreamt that one up.” 

Toohey, Brian. Secret: The Making of Australia’s Security State . Melbourne University Press Digital. Kindle Edition.

Momentous Events In Russia

“Russian government resigns”

Momentous events are taking place in Russia while I have been sleeping overnight.

Yesterday President Putin delivered his annual address to the Federal Assembly, which some are calling a State of the Nation address and part of which called for constitutional change. Since I have not had time to come to grips with the import of all of that I will not comment, nor on the government resignation that followed. 

I am sure though, that this will all have been carefully worked out to be in Russia’s best interests. This is not, I would say, a crisis moment for Russian affairs but a planned method of strengthening the Russian position. 

All will become clear soon, I’m sure. 
Can 2020 get any more exciting?  I’m sure it will.

A Little, Delayed, Cross-Atlantic Justice?

“Court in Ukraine orders investigation of Poroshenko, Obama administration members” – TASS

Well, well, well.  Has Ukraine finally woken up from its stupor and realised that it has been continually shafted for the past five years by a corrupt, greedy, unethical and self-serving United States government of the previous administration, certain now private US individuals, and undoubtedly a number of US corporate entities?  

Well, it is about time that happened, and appropriately it is just at the right time to either feed from or feed into, or both – depending on who has the nitty-gritty details – the Trump impeachment fiasco and also the Barr & Durham enquiry into the shenanigans of the US Democratic Party over the past three years.

Fun times ahead for any onlookers.  Not so for many participants – on both sides of the Atlantic.

May justice be served, and also seen.

…and just as an afterthought, one wonders whether it was a certain inter-presidential cross-Atlantic phone call that first put the idea of getting some of their stolen money back, into the heads of Ukraine’s Justice Department? Tee-hee-hee.

Myth Of US Military Might Revealed

“You Say You Want A Revolution?” said The Beatles in a song many years ago now. Echoed in this “You Say You Want A (Russian) Revolution?” piece by Pepe Escobar, reviewing the recent Andrei Martyanov book ‘The (Real) Revolution In Military Affairs’, on The Titanic Lifeboat Academy.

A book that gives the lie to Trump’s false claims to have the “Greatest military ever in the world” at his beck and call.

I like books that agree with my own views, so I just bought a Kindle copy, to cheer me up in those moments of doubt and to realise that the great looming shadow of Uncle Sam’s ‘warrior’ force is simply that – only a shadow. A damned expensive shadow but capable only of inflicting the projected fear that only shadows can. And that is entirely all that the Trumps of the world have to maintain any sort of hold or imposed power over the smaller and weaker nations of the family of man. When the light which this book along with many other illuminated sources is shone onto the darkness of US military might and the world sees, as it is already beginning to see, the true picture of the US military’s helplessness and incompetence, then the shadow of that projected power will dissipate and vanish. And the world can be free from its callous theft and greed and imposed ideology.

It is time to hold high the illuminating torch of truth and let the world see how powerless the US actually is today. And how, if that military is attempted to be used in any real military action against our brothers and sisters anywhere, it will suffer such a great slaughter as can hardly be imagined. Unprecedented in its scope and unbridled in its fury, in vengeance over past crimes.

Those still hanging on to US coat tails need also to be aware of the precarious nature of their continued commitment to that misguided alliance.

The Triad of Terrorism

ISIS, Israel and the United States – The Three Amigos – The Triad of Terrorism.

It is perfectly clear this is the case.  Why can the world not see this?

“ISIS and Israel praise Trump’s assassination of Iranian top general Soleimani” – Sarah Abed, The Rabbit Hole blog

And then there are Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK – perhaps not quite ‘The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’ but definitely ‘The Four Arse-Lickers of America’.

Whether this ‘quartet of queers’ (and I don’t care who that may offend) will remain that way for long, is questionable, because as Paul Edwards says (see an earlier post today), “Candidates for another ‘coalition of the willing’ to mask America’s brute adventurism are going to be scarce as bird shit in a cuckoo clock”.

The day the US ends up with no friends at all, isolated behind Trump’s walls, will be a time for the world to party.  But Americans are not terminally stupid, even if their government thinks they are, and I think there may be some sort of revolution of the people there before that happens.  And that will be a real reason for the world to party.