It’s A Great Time To Be Alive

So, what’s happening in Syria?

Well, in my view, everything is going very well, and to plan.  The US is withdrawing its forces (and presumably its NATO allies are doing the same) from northern Syria. They are being replaced mostly by Syrian government troops of the Syrian Arab Army (the only legitimate Syrian military force), fiercely loyal to President Bashar al-Assad – a national leader of great character, humanity and humility, beloved of his people and highly respected by those of us not brain-washed by Western government and media lies.

Syrian forces in the last day or so are now in control of the town of Kobani on the Turkish border (an important move) and also in al-Tabqah, ar-Raqqa and a number of other places to the west of al-Qamishli, having forced back the terrorist forces aligned with Turkey (the so-called NSA – remnants of the original FSA, dressed in nice uniforms by Turkey to give the impression of being a military force).

The abandoned ex-US ally in the region, the SDF, has made some sort of deal with the Syrian government, presumably for self-protection from Turkey, and are in places working together to block the Turkish advance apparently without coming into direct conflict with Turkish forces, and to drive back the NSA terrorists from ground they have overrun.  At least this is true of some units of the SDF, not all of whom align with the organisations considered by Turkey to be terrorist.  


US-led coalition withdraws from northeastern Syrian cities of Raqqa, Tabqah


It is all rather complicated, and the map makers can’t quite keep up with the speed of events, but in general I am personally satisfied that these recent events are definitely in Syria’s best interests.  I want to stress that none of this would be happening without the action by Turkey to cross the border with Syria.  Turkey is the catalyst here, the only possible arbiter of the breaking of the two year deadlock that has seen little change in this conflict.  Suddenly there is light at the end of the tunnel for Syria, which can only be good for the world.

The US has been outfoxed, outwitted, and humiliated. Driven out of yet another Middle East country from which they have profited at great expense to the local populace.
I now look forward from these events (there is no turning back the clock).  They will play out to their successful conclusion.  Turkey will withdraw back across its borders following some peaceful agreement that is satisfactory to all – brokered chiefly by Russia – the Kurds (at least those who already possess Syrian citizenship – and I am sure arrangements will be made for others who want to live peacefully in Syria) will be granted some sort of local autonomy under the sovereignty of the current Syrian government.

I look forward to the liberation and cleaning out of the terrorist enclave in the Idlib province,  the departure of the untenable US terrorist enclave around at-Tanf in the southeast of the country (only there to block the Damascus-Baghdad highway), and finally the departure of illegitimate Israeli settlement of the Golan Heights, returning that area to Syria, its legal owners. 

Quite a shopping list, but it will happen, as Western influence in the region diminishes further and those nations retreat to handle problems of their own close to and within their own home borders.

It is a great time to be alive.


A Little More Maturity Please

“Russia prepares draft on relocating UN First Committee from US to Europe”

There are consequences for playing childish games in the field of diplomacy as the US administration has done over the issuance of visas for UN delegates to enter the country hosting the UNGA.

The US may yet lose the right to host important UN committee meetings on its territory as a result.  Actions bordering on or actual truculence will no longer be tolerated in the 21st century. 

Every Day, In Every Way…

A recent share of a July 2019 post in my VK site which was notified to me while writing my previous post here: “Atlantic Hegemony Is Dying”, gave me cause to deliberate that maybe, since I appear to have omitted to share my VK post here, a re-post would be in order. So here it is:

Every Day, In Every Way… (A tale of the dilemmas facing two central bankers)

“Global economy faces increased risk of downturn as central bank bosses face different challenges”

Every day, in every way, it becomes clearer and clearer that modern industry and resource based society, underpinned by its hallucinatory banking and finance markets shell game, is imminently about to take a face-splat onto the concrete foundations of reality …and there is no getting up and bouncing back again from that …no matter how many positive affirmations are fruitlessly vocalised.

And so, every day, in every way, the realisation of this should be dawning on the mist enshrouded minds of every person hoping for a bright tomorrow, that they need to be doing something to at least give them some slim chance to survive the fallout from that coming calamitous event – if such is possible.

No soft landings. No comfortable recovery. Only blood, sweat and tears, from horizon to horizon. That is the extent of the fall we should expect to see. That is our destiny – if we choose to take it – and, gritting our teeth, setting our minds, and bending our backs to the daunting task, make of it what we can. A new beginning. Starting virtually from nothing – and perhaps having no idea where to begin.

There is no place there for the weak – of body or mind, the sick, the aged, the drug dependent, the dependent on anything, the lazy, the do-gooders, the ne’er-do-wells of all kinds, the leaners, the lost and hopeless, the deviants, the gender-benders, the enforcers, the controllers. None of these, mostly products of modern society, are made of the stuff that will make it through the maelstrom that follows every social collapse there ever has been. And sometimes nobody does. And this one will not be merely local, or even national, but global in extent, because it will not simply be an ‘economic’ fall but other factors whose shadows are even now crossing our horizon will merge into the prolonged multi-faceted event that will ensure we are utterly unable to restore even a fraction of what we have become accustomed to over the past few generations.

That is obviously not how many people see it, but trust me, they stand no chance in the new world that will emerge. But you, if you are made of the right stuff, and with a little bit of luck, just might.

It will not depend on how much food or equipment you have put by. It will not depend on how much you know. Though those things may be helpful. It will certainly not depend on how much wealth or influence you think you have. That is the old way and will have no place in the new. Old things will be gone. Everything will be new – or at least unpractised or provisioned with little experience.

But some of us have to make it. Or the past few thousand years will have been for nothing.

While I link to this news story I am obviously talking of much more than any single news item could encompass. There is no single news item, book, TV series, academic paper, or saloon bar story that could possibly cover what we must now look to. It is everything, taken as a whole, the whole gamut of modern life experience and everything resulting from that, and more, much more than we are able to control, that we must now consider impacting on our individual miniscule lives and our species as a whole.

Can you see it?

Atlantic Hegemony Is Dying

The West now has “no existential problems” to peddle to its public, says the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Diplomatic Academy, in a report titled – “Global Challenges 2019: Update — politics, economy and development”.  

Hence the era of Atlantic hegemony is dying.  You may applaud at this point.

“Atlantic hegemony dying: Era of Western global intervention fading away, says report”

The report also says a lot of other things which are important to the global future of mankind.

India, as a member of BRICS, also has a few things to say on that theme: “Indian expert says US hegemony created many current problems”

Sadly, the Russian report appears to miss the main point on man’s future, instead talking of the Fourth Industrial Revolution – which is never going to get past the planning stage before circumstances see it end before it even begins.  At least that is what better happen, for all our sakes.

Still, let’s celebrate a little while we can. 

Waiting, Waiting…

“Wait For It”

Wait for it…  wait for iiiiiit…

The reward for patience and delayed gratification will be all the sweeter for it.

So, just what is this ‘it’ that Jim Kunstler asks us to wait for?

It is of course the much feared – by those ‘for whom the bell tolls’ (and they surely know who they are) – drop of the proverbial hammer which will mark the beginning of the process to bring to justice those who were involved in the foiled (foiled and failed, I guess) Russiagate plot hatched by the DNC, the US Intelligence community, and others of particular note.

The moral of this story is – if you are going to launch anything based on false, made up stories and outright lies – first, you had better make sure that you are squeaky clean and also do not assume that in spite of all the noise and hype you can generate as a cover, no-one is going to notice. 

Jim has all the details, both juicy and gory. 

A Much Needed Change In Dynamics

“How Turkey’s ‘Peace Spring’ changed the dynamics of Syria’s war”

The views expressed in this al-Jazeera article align in many ways, though not exactly, with my own.  One thing is for certain, and one which I have tried to emphasise in recent posts, is that the dynamics of conflict and the conflicting parties themselves have dramatically changed in the last few days.  A change, in my view, that was desperately needed and a change for the better, that gives hope for a lasting and comprehensive settlement and, with America now out of the picture and unable to further block the way, real prospects for peace in the area.  And one, dare I say, that will have flow-on effects into Iraq also.

Let common sense prevail.   

A Step Towards Peace

“Local authorities in northeastern Syria resume subordination to Damascus”

It looks like Syria has just regained control of much of its remaining long usurped territory in the north eastern region of the country and, if this South Front map from late on 14 October is anything to go by, now has control of much of the M4 highway that stretches all across that top end of the country.

Suddenly there are no American flags on display. 

How things change can so quickly when oppressive forces are tricked, cajoled, driven or negotiated out of their unlawful positions of usurpation and occupation.  Syria will soon be whole again.

Now we will see how Turkey reacts and what its true intentions are.


The End Is Nigh?

“Take these actions and place them anywhere else in history (2000, 2007, any time) and this would be called an emergency intervention program.”

The US Fed begins US military budget scale – $720 Billion – annual QE (shush, you’re not allowed to call it QE).

Is this the beginning of the end?

“The Beginning of the End”
  by Sven Henrich

I don’t know who this guy is but his piece makes interesting and not a little amusing reading.  Whether any of it is meaningful or not, who knows?  But anything labelled ‘The Beginning of the End’ is worth a look.  Expect such articles to be coming thick and fast soon.  

Syrian Stalemate Broken With An Avalanche Of Movement – Thank Goodness

When I applauded the Turkish incursion (it is not actually an invasion as it has so far been reported) of northern Syria a few days ago, I did so because I could see that this was the very best possible event for a decent outcome to the two year stalemate into which Syria had settled since liberating most of its lands from terrorists and other aggressors.

Syria, having battled so bravely in the years leading up to early 2018 to free itself from aggressors (with the assistance of many allies), was never going to be able to clear the remaining part of its lands while ever the US coalition was involved in occupying them.  
Russia’s hands were also tied – the two major nuclear armed powers could not enter or risk a direct face-off over Syria.  But Turkey, a NATO nation and also a guarantor of Syrian sovereignty, could (at first negotiate with the US, and then) threaten the US with an invasion of its own, with legitimate reasons of its own for doing so, into Syrian territory occupied by the US.  

The ruse, and I feel sure that is what it was, planned to perfection by Russia, Turkey, Iran and perhaps even Syria, all of whom have been making appropriate ‘shocked’ noises since it began, worked brilliantly.  US forces are leaving northern Syria and with impossibly fast responses (unless pre-planned), Russian and Syrian government forces are taking advantage of that with moves that would have been impossible to consider in any other circumstances.

The SDF north of Aleppo have ‘allowed’ Syrian forces to move through their positions in  Manbij and as far north as Kobani on the Turkish border.  Brilliant move.  There have been up to 100 US troops in Kobani in recent days.   

“Syrian army enters Manbij in northern Aleppo governorate – TV”


Now Russian forces have bridged the Euphrates in record time (the US earlier destroyed all the bridges) to allow major Syrian forces to cross into US occupied territories the Syrians have not visited for years now.  These pushes are just what is needed to mop up or chop up any further SDF resistance and I expect first objectives will be to liberate small government pockets still holding out in Hasaka province and also to secure the prison camps holding thousands of IS terrorists. The SDF will now have to negotiate with the Syrian government – and they don’t have too many good options for the sort of outcomes they have been hoping for.

“Russian army puts up bridge in record time to deploy heavy arms, aid across Euphrates”

“Army units move north to confront Turkish aggression on Syrian territory”


Turkey deserves some praise for being the catalyst for all this action and this remarkable turn of events, unforseeably happening any other way. Turkey is now in a strong position to negotiate safe borders with Syria and the two countries will need to get together to mutually work an acceptable settlement. That is something which Russia is well capable of arranging and ensuring – of that I am certain.

All of this, every aspect of it, brings great joy to my heart at the prospect of once again seeing a completely liberated Syria – not to mention the complete humiliation of the US who have been the main drivers of this protracted conflict that has caused so much suffering death and destruction over many years now.  Good riddance to the bastards.

Reality: Resplendent, and Deadly

“As I’ve averred before, don’t be surprised if the 2020 election doesn’t even happen. The institutional damage may be too deep.”

Jim Kunstler can say that (and he has, not for the first time, in this shared post from his latest blog – “In Memorium: Reality”), and I can also say that.  I can’t remember if I said the same thing off the back of something Jim said or if it was also an idea of my own.  In the end it does not matter.  If such eventualities actually occur (and to me that becomes increasingly likely), who will care?

What does it actually mean?  Simply put, I hope, it means that within the next year (that is before said 2020 elections are due to be held), the western world – and perhaps the rest of the world too – is going to experience a crash (and that word seems hopelessly inadequate as a descriptor) such as never seen before in the entire history of mankind, with the effect that whole nations will incur a collapse of structural integrity, sufficient to make any of the norms of civilised life impossible to continue in any sensible manner.  How do I describe that?  Well, I can’t.  Not in a few sentences.  Use your imagination.

I don’t want to be picky, but on this occasion I think Jim got his (usually brilliant) titling wrong (unless I’m misunderstanding his meaning).  This is not a lament for the passing of reality but the emergence of reality – resplendent and deadly – arising from the dispersion of the fog of pretence brought on by the popping of the bubble of ‘unreal narratives’ that have so effectively confused and deluded us into believing that which is not real is real for so long now. 

I think we are not going to like that ‘reality check’ one bit when it happens.

So, are you prepared to contemplate that the charade of modern life likely has less, possibly much less, than twelve months still to run?

There are no guarantees of course.  You need to make up your own mind on that.  You are free to dismiss the prospect entirely.  You are also free to consider it, and how it would or will effect you personally.  

But no matter what you think or how much consideration you give to it, if it is going to happen, it will happen, whether or not you or I or anyone else has thought about it or to whatever conclusion our thinking led us.  

Read Jim’s piece again if you haven’t already.  And if you are not an American, think about what the fallout from that might mean to you, wherever you are.

I can’t offer you any better advice than that.